Tennessee COVID Mortality Rate Triples as it Leads the US in Vaccinations | The Truth About Vaccines

Tennessee COVID Mortality Rate Triples as it Leads the US in Vaccinations


A strange phenomenon is developing in the US state of Tennessee: The daily new cases is falling, but the daily COVID death rate hasn’t changed and the mortality rate has tripled.

New cases peaked on December 18

Daily deaths should have peaked five days later, which they did, on December 23… and then kept on rising

The case mortality rate for the US has been steadily dropping. But not in Tennessee, where the case mortality rate was running at around 1.6% in September/October and has an overall case mortality rate of 1.45%, excluding open cases.

This is typical of the rest of the US. What’s NOT typical is that for the month of February, the case mortality rate suddenly TRIPLED to 4.89%, based on the 7 day moving averages of deaths per day and daily new cases.

I can’t imagine how this is happening. Especially as Tennessee leads the US in COVID-19 vaccinations.

One would have thought that with 244,539 completed 2-dose vaccinations in the state, mortality rates would be PLUMMETING not TRIPLING.

How can this be explained?

This article was originally published on theostrichhead.com and has been shared here with permission. You can view the original article here.

As vaccination rate rises and COVID case rate declines in Tennessee, the Mortality rate has tripled. Could the vaccine be to blame?
— Read on thetruthaboutvaccines.com/covid-mortality-vaccine/

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