A LETTER OF FRONTLINER Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Malaysian community


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the Malaysian community

1. We really hope, you and all families are in good condition, healthy and happy. Many are on holiday and many are having weddings and feasts here. We pray for a happy marriage to grandchildren.

2. Before the start of the holiday season, we have tried to say that the Covid19 epidemic is still rampant. Our message is easy: wear a mask, distance at least 1 meters at the dining area and don’t shake or touch anyone. Wash your hands or use sanitizer if you touch the objects that people touch.

3. Our Director General looks fatigue and all at KKM are struggling to deal with cases that don’t even rise. Yesterday 2,295 new cases were recorded. You can see the exhaustion etched on her face. Yet he is strong as a gesture for all of us to continue to give the best in the field, clinic, hospital and motion rooms.

4. At this point, in the hospital, we see more cases that were initially admitted with lung infection but became positive later. There are also staff infected with Covid in working to deal with these cases.

5. The total number of beds in hospitals is also frequently full resulting in a state-wide emergency department. We are very concerned with the explosion of cases, cases that may be between your parents, uncle or relatives will all be stuck to exceeding the capacity. Don’t forget, in this pandemic, other emergencies such as trauma, heart attack, stroke and others are still happening and also need to be addressed.

6. As we continue to say, it’s been a nightmare for us to see shops filled with people eating less than 1 meters. Of course the mask is open. Tables nearby are listed. Of course virus can easily jump on table.

7. It melts our hearts to see at the feasts, without any guilt, mask opened and memories taken with all standing close (and without being shy shared on social media). When the mask opens and is less than 1 meters, the virus jumps easily.

8. Feast dining table is also set less than 1 meters to each other. The feast becomes a ‘ big food shop ‘ with ‘ exception ‘ from the recommended conditions at the restaurant (2 people per table).

At least distance the chair so that over 1 meters between the same table. Caterers can also play a role for this.

9. Heart melts also seeing people still touch, shake, hug and kiss. These guys are ‘ faraway sibling s’ who might even come from the ‘ red zone ‘. Covid doesn’t know brother. If a relative brings covid, the rest will get it.

10. Heart melts also seeing friends who ‘touch hands’. Isn’t it still ‘ touch ‘? What’s wrong with the greetings from the chest When touching, if there is Covid then move germs.

11. Heart melts also seeing in shopping, people no longer care to ‘distance’ themselves so that more than 1 meters. Even queuing is getting closer every day.

12. Heart melts seeing in jogging, friends who don’t wear mask walk in a group less than 1 meters. Those who jog or leisure when clashed don’t keep the course away from 1 meters, but also comes until almost touching the shoulder.

13. Heart melts also hear some say this pandemic is a ‘lie’. But when asked, if it wasn’t for Covid, how would more than 1.7 million people in the world be dead and all of them are Covid positive (equivalent to the whole Kedah population vanished)? They keep silent, fail to answer and have tried to sell certain ‘ product s’ so their agenda will eventually stand out. Sad that some are easily deceived.

14. Heart melts also saying that getting this Covid is like a flu. 80 % of people have mild symptoms while 20 % worse, need ICU and fight for life. For those who are 80 % of this, otherwise isolated will spread Covid to own family, friends and people. When it comes to the elderly or there are other risks like diabetes, they will get severe symptoms. Billions are finished to create and give medicine and food at the treatment centre. Crash the economy like this.

15. We already have effective protection and it’s cheap and can be done by all of you. Wear a mask and distance 1 meters in mask-at dining areas, feasts, leisure and others. When you meet people at the party, just bow a little and put your hands on your chest. It’s an honor to people in a safe way. It’s also a reminder to people that you people who obey SOP and signal for others also obey SOP. Why is it so hard for you?

16. Ladies and Gentlemen. This virus war is still far from over. Although there’s news about vaccines, there’s already a new mutation that may need another vaccine. ‘ Mask and distance of 1 meters when the mask opens ‘ is the existing ‘ vaccine ‘. Use this ‘vaccine’ best while there is no fully effective vaccine yet.

17. Play your role to break the vaccine chain. Warn the SOP compliant warning with bow and greetings from the chest. If so done, you are responsible and played a role in winning this war.

18. Don’t those who are trying to follow the SOP are being ignored or said ‘ poyo ‘. They are warriors trying to do what is reasonable to win the war. Even these people love you and want to make sure no virus spreads.

19. There’s no point if we just ask if we have enough beds for a case that’s exploding but you don’t even play the role of stopping this Covid chain with a mask and distancing over 1 meters.

20. This war was not won in hospital or treatment centers. It’s won when YOU all 100 % collabed breaking the Covid chain with this 1 meter mask and lock up.. If 100 % discipline of the people, the economic wheel can spin and the control order is not necessary. But the key is 100 % – NO EXCEPTION.

21. We won because of YOU. We failed and destroyed because of YOU.

May you all be safe, God bless and happy with family.

The right one,

Dr. Alzamani Mohammad Idrose


Note: YOU here means all community members: people, political and non-political leaders and health officers like me.


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